How We Work

How We Work

All processes of LUsoft are designed in order to provide excellent services for our customers

Project-based approach

In the case of a project-based approach, we allocate engineers from a previously prepared buffer, a system of centers of excellence. Each of them is dedicated to the most popular technology line: either Java or .NET stack, on-premise or cloud technologies, web or mobile software, etc. Analysts clarify requirements with the customer. Architects design the technology stack and software components structure. UI/UX designer prepares mockups and wireframes. All the project methodology is based on Agile practices: a combination of Scrum and extreme programming. Also, the Kanban is used for the support and maintenance services.

Project Based Approach
Staff Augmentation Approach

Staff augmentation approach

In the case of a staff augmentation approach, we allocate specialists from the buffer and, if needed, consider a job market. The Talent Setting Department cooperates with public IT organizations and communities in Kyiv and has access to the best software experts. Our Talent Setting Department makes original preselection according to the profile criteria agreed with the customer, aligning internal CTO office technical interview. The last interview stage is a customer interview.